Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: All Things Al

Here is Al spooning MJ when she was brand new. Be still my uterus.

In honor of Al's birthday tomorrow, here are the top ten things that make him the unique and wonderful specimen that he is.


1. He is such a wonderful father. He is a kid at heart and loves to get on the floor to play with the kids. You can count on him to be the biggest goofball at the playground, flying across the monkeybars.

2. He has an incredible work ethic. He is completely devoted to being the best at his job so he is able to provide for his family. His hard work has allowed me to be able to stay at home with my babies - I don't think he'll ever know how truly grateful I am for his sacrifices.


3. He may be the biggest dog lover that ever existed. We joke that he should have been a pet psychiatrist because his connection with all animals, but primarly dogs, is just unreal.


4. He can always make me laugh.


5. He does cute things like ^that^
(To see the photographer who captured that sweet moment, click here)


6. He has always been so supportive of me. Let's face it, not too many people would understand a gal going to law school, accruing insane amounts of law school loan debt, working for three years, and then deciding to stay at home with her babies. He has never once made me feel guilty about this decision, and even encouraged it because he knew it's where my heart is. I love him for that.

7. He is a closeted romantic. Remind me to tell you about how he proposed to me.

8. He is the least pretentious person you will meet. He doesn't know how to be fake, and he gets along with everybody.

9. He is a homebody. He much prefers to hang out at home, in his comfy pants (that I wish he would let me throw away), watch a movie, and eat pizza rolls.


10. He makes me the happiest gal in the world.

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