Thursday, March 4, 2010

Retail Therapy

My little dude is giving me a hard time lately. I've really been struggling with ways to get through to him, and I know he's only three but trust me, he knows how to push my buttons.

Al, God bless him, heard the despair in my voice and came home early so I could escape the house by myself. That didn't exactly work out as planned because as I was putting on my boots to leave, MJ came over to me with puppy dog eyes, asking if she could come. Of course I said yes. I'm such a sucker.

My idea of good, quality shopping is probably very different though: the closer my bill comes to zero, the more fun I have.


I scored all of the above for $7. That and the cute quality time with MJ helped me completely forget that bubba was a gremlin today.

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