Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Calm, Relaxing TTC Story

It's been quite a whirlwind since I last posted. I had forgotten all of the lovely symptoms that go along with the first few weeks of pregnancy. I have zero energy which doesn't really go well with having two rambunctious kids and a horse-sized dog. I am thankful though for each and every symptom because it's a sign that little sweet pea is getting nice and cozy.

We had decided to unofficially start trying to conceive in January. I'm too much of a spaz and way too forgetful to take my temperature every morning, so we took a more relaxed route. I planned to stay completely calm during my TTC journey. Well, it's a good thing it didn't take that long because I was the furthest thing from calm.

On Al's birthday (CD 11 to you fellow TTCers), I thought "wouldn't it be nice to give Al a positive pregnancy test as a present?" So I took a test and was greeted with this result:


Holy tiny, pale line!! I freaked out, wrapped it up and presented it to Al later after dinner, all the while giving myself major props for such an awesome birthday present. Al's response: "what am I looking at here?" He thought I had hallucinated a line because he saw absolutely nothing. For realz? In case you are in Al's camp, here is a slightly edited version of the above picture:


(Don't hate on my penmanship)

Al, being the entirely too logical person that he is, didn't want to get his hopes up by getting all excited about a line he couldn't see. This really interfered with my excitement. So I waited a few days, retested, and got my clear as day positive!

I kid. That's what a normal, rational person would do. What I did was pee on many, many subsequent tests, and then scrutinized them under direct light. I also googled "evaporation lines" "home pregnancy tests" "first response" "faint positives" in every imaginable combination. I also may or may not have uploaded a picture to this site. Dear friends, I wish I was kidding. And it probably wouldn't surprise you that I also stalked this site.

Al saw me on the verge of insanity and had the common sense to hide my remaining pregnancy tests, and limit my use of google. Four days after my first test, and two days after my mild psychosis, Al gave me a test and that sweet second line showed up right away. And Al saw it too.

In November we will, God willing, become a family of five. I am so ridiculously happy! I am also hoping just a teeny bit that this one resembles me. It would be nice to not be mistaken for the Mexican nanny anymore.

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Cara said...

Congrats! We're also expecting our third (due in Oct) and I also SAW the "faint" second line. My husband swore that it wasn't there, but I definitely saw it and did all the research. :) Sure enough, a few days later the line was definitely there!

Tess said...

Thanks Cara, and congrats to you too! I had never even heard of evaporation lines before this little fiasco. I wish I would have just gone with my first instinct and stayed excited! Darn husbands ;-)

Janet said...

This is too funny. Your last comment gave me a laugh out loud belly laugh. I am due end of August, and got my super faint second line in December. After i peed through all of the test I had at home I was banned from buying new ones for 2 days.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting! And I totally see the line :-D

Kristen {RAGE against the MINIVAN} said...

Congratulations! Let me just tell you, thank God I had never heard of those "can you see a line" websites in my TTC days. I would have spent WAY too much time on them! :)

Jen said...

Congratulations! I have an award for you at my place! When you have a moment, stop by to pick it up. :)


Donnetta said...

OMG - the pee on a stick site is cracking me up!! 2nd line stalkers?!?!

Congrats again!! So exciting!