Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Monday

It's going to be one of those days.

Running 5 minutes late this morning trying to get the kids out of the door to take MJ to preschool. Car door wouldn't open when I pressed the automatic door opener. Scared to open door with key because then car alarm will go off. After ten minutes of frantically pressing buttons, finally decide to unlock car with key. Hold my breath waiting for alarm to go off. Alarm doesn't go off. Realize that door opener and alarm are not working because the battery is dead. Flag down a neighbor to see if she will take MJ to preschool (her son goes there as well) and flag down another neighbor to help me jump my car. Realize how much my neighbors must hate me.

Car successfully starts with jump. Drive bubba around the neighborhood for 20 minutes because I'm scared to turn the car off. Realize that the radio/CD player are not working. After ten minutes of frantically pressing buttons, decide to consult the car manual. Discover that because the car battery died, the radio/CD player are disabled as some kind of anti-theft device. Further discover that they will start working if I enter a 6 digit code. Bang head against steering wheel. Call Al for the 20th time and complain. Discover that the code is written in the back of the manual. Do little victory dance and enter the code. Get an error message, wrong code.

So that's where I'm at friends. No working radio/CD player just in time for a road trip to NYC tomorrow with MJ. Not to mention that I'm now scared my car battery will just decide to go on strike again *knock on wood* My day would be at a complete loss if it weren't for this cute guy giving me peanut butter and fluff kisses.


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