Monday, February 15, 2010

Rodents - The Bane of My Existence


I am not fond of small, furry critters. They terrify and disgust me. So naturally it would be our house that this awful squirrel decides he would like to move into. Last spring, this squirrel and what we assumed to be his lady friend, chewed their way into the air conditioner in our kitchen and made a nice little home there. Not only that, but they also chewed through the wiring in the unit and completely ruined our chances of having any cool air in the kitchen during the balmy summer months. A wooden spoon had a permanent spot on the kitchen counter so I could bang on the unit to try to scare them out should I hear them scratching around. And they were always scratching around. I dreaded going into the kitchen, convinced that one day I would discover them in my kitchen after they had chewed through the metal of the unit itself.

We didn't have many options as to how to get rid of these mangy creatures. As much as I hate squirrels, and especially these squirrels, I didn't want them to die, so poisoning them wasn't an option. I thought maybe we could hire someone to trap them and then release them somewhere far away, but Al didn't seem to think that would work. I was just kind of hoping that they would forget where we lived.

Sometime in August, they stopped coming and I thought my prayers had been answered. Turns out they were just on an extended vacation because just last weekend what should I hear but that oh-so-familiar scratching coming from the kitchen. I'm just thankful we were lazy in getting our air conditioner replaced because I would be majorly peeved if they had chewed their way through another unit. We are *this* close to putting our house on the market so we have to replace the unit, and I really don't feel like providing a brand new chew toy for them to destroy. I'm not a fan of having the label of squirrel killer so I'm speaking with an exterminator about my trap and release idea, but if that doesn't prove to be successful I think the end is near for these little beasts.

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