Saturday, January 30, 2010

He's practically in college


We decided it was probably about time that this little dude make some progress on his New Year's resolution: to cut out the diapers and start using the potty. So this morning we went cold turkey, hid all the diapers in the closet, and brought out the big boy pants. The guide we are using suggested that we throw all the extra diapers out in the trash, but I have a complex when it comes to throwing stuff out.

After some slight confusion on my part as to whether he should be standing or sitting (we settled on standing - reason 1,876 I'm glad I'm a girl), he took right to it and has only had 2 accidents today. It's only the first day so I'm pretty excited about that. And I have to admit that I got teary when he peed on the potty for the first time. Don't judge me for that please. How did he get old enough to be able to do that? These past three years have flown by.

I wanted to take a picture of him on the potty but then I remembered my dad showing the same picture of me to friends and relatives, so I showed some compassion. Plus, I already have tons of pictures where his sister has dressed him as Jasmine and her other favorite princesses. I can always torture him with those later.


suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

i'm jealous. my daughter isn't three yet, but i desperately want her to potty train, and she is not having any of it!

nice job bubba! (and love the baby legs:)

Tess said...

he wasn't having it either but we followed a 3 day manual and poof - two days later, he was done!
bubba's dad really protested about the thought of his boy in leg warmers, but apparently flames make them more masculine :)